Science and Beers: Avoiding Fossil Fuel Consumption

The pursuit of knowledge is a fundamental human right. As is access to cheap, cold, delicious beer!

Science and Beers is a relaxed public lecture series.
We cover a broad range of subjects, from quantum physics to politics, music and mathematics. Each event has one guest speaker who will present their specialist subject. Each talk is followed by a chat over a beer or two.

We encourage you to try a talk outside your study subject :)

This week Anders Winther Mortensen and Kasper Dalgas Rasmussen tell how, For DKK 150, we can completely avoid fossil fuels

DKK 150 per month per Dane. That is the price of doing away with air pollution and CO2 emissions. For the same price as a subscription to a fitness centre, we can completely avoid the use of oil, coal and gas - also for aircraft, ships and heavy traffic.

- We talk as though it's completely impossible to do without fossil fuels. But it is completely possible. We already have the technology, and it costs only 0.5% of our GDP, or one small pizza and a Netflix subscription per Dane per month, to change over to green energy. It's just about having the will to do it.

This talk will be complimented by Økologisk Lager at 30kr :)

Happy hour on Odense pilsner and classic is every day between kl 17 and kl 20 ;)

These events are open to everyone.
Free entrance :D

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